Dog Grooming Services


All dogs that come to us for grooming receive an 8 point health check which includes: eyes, ears, teeth, gums, pads, nails, hygiene areas, we also check for skin abnormalities, including lumps and bumps


Your dog will get two washes with one of our luxury natural shampoos, which is carefully chosen to match skin, coat type and condition. We also use a specially formulated and natural coat conditioning spray


Some breeds require styling using clipper blades or a comb attachment to shorten the hair and keep it looking tidy and manageable


Kindly note – it is with regret we are not currently able to take on any new hand strip clients.

Hand stripping involves pulling out the dead outer coat rather than cutting the hair with clippers. This allows a new coat to grow in and is an alternative grooming method for certain breeds (mainly wire haired breeds e.g. Border Terriers, Airedale Terriers and Schnauzers) and is compulsory if showing certain breeds of dogs. It should be noted hand stripping does not hurt the dog, some might not like it, but it is not painful when done properly. 


This refers to styling using scissors i.e. after a dog has been clipped, the legs, tail and face of some breeds will need to be scissored. Some dogs may only need light trimming, this may be due to the breed or owners preference


Nail Trimming is included in any grooming package or if it’s just a nail trim your dog needs you don’t need an appointment. Nail trimming is important for the long-term health of all dogs. Overgrown nails can break easily and if they break below the quick, it can be very painful for the dog. Long-term overgrowth can cause soreness, pain and difficulty with walking and could contribute to the development of arthritis or an irregular gait which can lead to skeletal damage